Facebook interest targeting tool
to level up your Facebook Advertising

Find hidden interests in Facebook Ads Manager that Facebook doesn't show you.

$97 for Lifetime

Find thousands of hidden interests in Facebook
and make your campaign more targeted.

InterestScout finds you targeted interests that you can target in your niche marketing campaigns.
Find high converting interests that your competitors have no idea about and run your campaign with a greater ROI than ever before.

How does it work?

Enter the keyword

Enter the general keyword you want to target. Example: "Soccer", "Golf", "Skiing", "Perfume", etc. Set your number of interests you want to have. You can have from 0 to unlimited.

InterestScout Searches for interests

Relax back and wait while InterestHound does the work in the back and gets you highly specifc interests Facebook was hiding from you.

Copy the keywords to Facebook Audience

Copy the interests or export to a CSV. Add them to your target audience in your Ads Manager.

Find hidden interests with exact audience sizes

Why is it a game changer?

Why this tool?

When I ran my e-commerce business I was getting tired of how poor performance my ads were having. I made sure to have a good copy, a good image and sometimes even a video. I knew I had a product people would love but just couldn't sell it. I was getting impressions but had a very low conversion. That's when it hit me: I needed to do something different. The problem I realised was I was doing the same thing my competitors were doing: targeting the same people.

I decided to change that. I wanted to target a broad audience but hit all the interests. I wanted really specific and niche interests. I wanted to target people who had never heard about my competitors.

But the problem was with FB ads manager. It doesn't list more than 25 keywords for a interest. I wanted to target 100+ additional interests related to my main interest. I knew FB had the data. I just needed to find it.

That's when this Facebook interest targeting tool was born. I scoured through the FB documentation enough to finally be able to do what I wanted! But I thought how many people this tool would help? That's when I started polishing the tool for public release.

If you are a marketer, a e-commerce business owner, a local business owner or a startup and you're looking to grow increase your conversion through FB ads, this tool is going to make it 100% worth it.

"Most powerful arsenal in my Facebook advertising campaigns right now!"

Paul Knoglinger, VoyMedia


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